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Spring Witch Vegan Perfume Oil

Spring Witch Perfume Oil

SCENT   an enchanting blend of rosewater, jasmine and lily top notes, middle notes of clover and greenery, finishing with citrus and herbs.

SCENT TYPE   Floral  Scent strength: Medium

DESCRIPTION  15ml glass perfume bottle.  Artisan perfume handmade in small batches. Vegan and cruelty free.

INSTRUCTIONS:   dab on pulse points.  

INGREDIENTS:  Fractionated organic coconut oil, phthalate free fragrance oil (may include essential oils, absolutes, botanicals)

Customer Reviews

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This smells absolutely INCREDIBLE!! It's floral, but not in an old lady perfume, artificial way. It smells like actual fresh flowers in Spring, with the ozone "greenery" and citrus scent to balance it out. I always get compliments at work when I wear it. Perfect scent for spring and summer! Get this one!

Karen Buren
Wonderful Scent

Absolutely the best, freshest scent ever!!

Natasha Koetsch
the smell of a Sunny Spring Day hanging up your laundry

Now, I'm not a 'Clean Linens' kind of Scent Girlie, but this one is actually one of my favorites out of the four season bunch. It's super fresh and lightly floral, but not in a stringent or cloying way. The top notes of rosewater, jasmine, and lily really balance out the greenery and clover. And while I do wish I could smell more citrus notes, it's a really nice blend for Spring. Actually, I'll probably use it the most on my Linen ball for my laundry! If I wear it for a scent, I'll probably layer it with a stronger citrus scent.

Customer Reviews

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