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Seasons of the Witch Vegan Perfume Oil Gift Set

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Love the witch blends?  Now you can get them in a seasonal witch set. Four full size perfumes in a roller ball bottle, packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag. 
Winter -A sultry blend of patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and a hint of rose.  
Spring Witch - an enchanting blend of rosewater, jasmine and lily top notes, with the uplifting smell of clover and greenery for middle notes.  Finishing with citrus and herbs.  A gorgeous spring floral.  
Summer Witch - a sultry blend of patchouli, tonka absolute, labdanum, grapefruit and anise.  
Autumn Witch Perfume Oil - Classic pumpkin darkened with incense, spice and smoldering woods.
All are made with a blend of natural essences and phthalate free fragrances in a fractionated coconut oil base.  Vegan and cruelty free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Grace Wilson

best scents I’ve tried in a long time. summer smells herbal, a bit incense-y almost but very good. spring is a sweet floral PERFECT ‘dainty’ (ish) scent, I don’t normally like florals but this one was amazing. autumn I don’t particularly like, it almost smells like a popcorn jellybeanwuth a hint of cheap caramel? but winter smells warm, like that one person you only see during holiday season who sits and talks with you by the fire, sort of patchouli but not quite, also with a tiny hint of like the smell of a cabbage patch doll (baby powder i suppose). 10000% recommend.

Anna Roesler
Season of The witches

I was very happy with my purchase

Sari Colbry
Lovely scents

I really like winter and summer! My daughter took spring and fall. The oils feel good going on and the scent lasts all day. I will order again.

Linda Hastings
Awesome fragrances

These oils are exactly as I imagined them to be! I’m no witch but I just knew the fragrances would be rich and they are. Wonderful!

Nymphae Avernales
I have the world's best husband!

My friend gave me a tiny sample bottle of Summer Witch to try out (she had multiples) and I instantly fell in love. I put some on in the car and my husband immediately noticed it over my usual jasmine and his patchouli, and insisted on getting the whole set.

Summer and winter are my favorites, but let me say that if Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit) book illustrations had a scent, they would absolutely smell like Spring Witch. Like, you can absolutely smell the watercolor pastels through this scent. Autumn Witch smells like coming indoors after frolicking in the crisp fall leaves while wearing your favorite knit sweater on a blustery day. Summer and Winter are just drool-worthy. I don't know how to describe them except to say I could sit here all day with the lids off sniffing them and not get tired of either one.

The sample size of summer that was given to me is actually a little more potent than the roll-on, but that may just be because the roller is in the way. Either way, it is absolutely divine and I fully plan on using it as much as possible, as often as possible, starting on the first 90°+ day we have.


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