Earl Grey Tea Vegan Lip Balm

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Who doesn't love a nice hot tea on a cold winter day? Now you can have your favorite tea with you all day long! Black tea with a hint of bergamot. This lip balm was made with tea-infused avocado oil.

Forget about those commercial brands of lip balm where the main ingredient is petroleum. Once you try all natural lip balm you will never go back. This lip balm is so creamy and moisturizing you will only need to apply it once or twice a day. It lasts a very long time and actually moisturizes your lips instead of just coating them like the commercial brands do. I am completely addicted to lip balms and this has been a complete lip saver for me. I did a ton of research and played around with many different ingredients until I found the perfect balm. I use only natural ingredients and candililla wax instead of beeswax to keep it vegan.  My lip balms are made from scratch, never a melt and pour base.

Listing is for one .15oz round tubes of lip balm. Tube can be recycled.

Ingredients: Organic shea butter, Organic cocoa butter, organic avocado oil, candililla wax, flavor oil,

Lip balms make great party and shower favors.

Custom and wholesale orders are always welcome.


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